Embark on unique adventures and expeditions that break the norm. From climbing to sailing, from cycling through cities to seamless city-to-city travels, Triploria has got you covered. Dive into these handpicked services that promise not just a journey, but an experience.

Mapo Tapo: Explore the Uncharted

Discover the thrill of extreme sports in the most unexpected places with Mapo Tapo. Committed to bolstering local tourism in remote areas, this brand provides an unparalleled opportunity for the audacious traveler. Dive deep into the authentic charm of off-the-beaten destinations while indulging in adrenaline-fueled activities. Choose Mapo Tapo and unearth a world where adventure knows no boundaries.

BikesBooking: Two-Wheeled Adventures Await

Roam the world on your choice of two wheels with BikesBooking.com. This comprehensive online platform offers motorcycle, scooter, quad, and bicycle rentals in over 2,000 locations globally. With options from over 950 rental companies, BikesBooking ensures you get the best deal every time. Ditch the four-wheel drive and embrace the thrill of the open road – or trail.

SEARADAR: Sail the Seven Seas in Style

Chart your own course with SEARADAR, your dedicated concierge service for sailing yacht rentals worldwide. Explore the world’s oceans, bays, and inlets in the most authentic way possible. Not only does SEARADAR make yacht rental as easy as booking a hotel room, but their expert team is also on hand to guide you at every turn. From yacht selection to route planning and professional crew hires, SEARADAR ensures smooth sailing on your dream vacation.

InDrive: A Taxi Service That’s Truly Peer-to-Peer

Redefine your taxi experience with InDrive, a service that operates in over 650 cities across 47 countries. Unlike other ride-hailing platforms, InDrive champions a peer-to-peer approach, allowing riders and drivers to communicate directly and set prices. InDrive challenges the status quo by ensuring transparent transactions, giving freedom of choice back to the people.


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